Me, Myself & I

Niko Es

es.niko        +49176 57714079


Adverso flumine

Omnia vincit Amor

kitsch as kitsch can

Memento mori

 My points of interest are always diverse, but polarizing:

Social and political critical mixed media kitsch paintings, objects and installations with the individuum on its focus in an hedonistic way of Neo Pop Art.

Eclectic accumulations of upcycled implements, memories of textiles, Memento mori.

A repetition of themes: live, sickness and death from the eyes of refugees, homeless, psychological sick, handicapped and drug addicted humans by personal research through my glasses.

Therefor My oeuvre is always rich of contrasts in colour, material and themes and tries to give an aspect of living with handicaps, like my bipolar being.


Early art and musical education starting at 5 years.

I studied for 2 years art history with the focus at east Asia and the esoteric Buddhism and Japanologie.

I examined cum laude as a school teacher with the 2. state examination.

for textile science and German especially children picture books and their reviews Filter and Psychologie.

After eight years of teaching and fold presiding arts and textile science at a secondary school, I got sick.

Im handicapped now (meant since my birth).
I’ve got a schizoaffective disorder and ADHD
and I am retired
but I love my life.