All (head) objects have an historical and socially critical background in an eclectic form: Upcycled materials of an historical or high quality fabric from Japan, England, France or Germany combined with trash and fluid Latex formed to bases or applications.

Auftragsarbeit für krisstine bento-monteiros Performance
Altar No 6 06/2002

Darumas (2017)

Eulenreh (2017)

Raumfahrer (2017) heartbreaker (2017)

Classical Daruma (2017)

Jewel Daruma (2017)



Head pieces, neck collars & Co. (2017/18)

western barbie hair comb – all beauty must die (2018) penis and bow necklace – all beauty must die (2018) bleeding butterfly brooche – all beauty must die (2018)

black widow hair comb – all beauty must die (2018)

lilac fairy – all beauty must die (2018) Rose necklace – all beauty must die (2018) Daruma Madame Narzis (2018)

FUCK Derringer myth (2018)

Nailed heart necklace (2018)

F U RAINBOW necklace (2018)

Classical Daruma (2017)

CRACK BITCH Tissue Collar (2018)

Ceramic paintings (2017)

Tavor plate (2017) Quilonum retard plate (2017)

Manische Platte (2018)

Manische Platte (2018)